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Marketing Technologie

Marketing Clouds for data-driven and DSGVO-compliant marketing.

Own reach - automatically

Whether online or offline - with the right marketing and the right tools you can increase the reach, performance and sales of your brand.

But there is so much more to modern marketing:
Holistic conception, modern design, state-of-the-art technologies and data-driven communication. It's a task that's becoming more and more complex and can drive brand creators and marketeers to despair.

With a powerful marketing cloud, you can communicate with your customers in a more personalized and efficient way than ever before. We help you find all the tools you need to address your customers' needs, generate more traffic and convert leads cleanly.

We are happy to advise you in the area of marketing technologies and support you, no matter what challenge you are facing.



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Do you know what valuable customer data is hiding in your data silos? 

A strong marketing cloud helps you to fully exploit the potential of your customer data. Our software-as-a-service is scalable and expandable beyond borders.

A strong SaaS unites:

  • 360° customer profiles
  • Workflow Designer
  • Campaigns Management
  • Email and SMS campaign design and sending
  • Landingpage Builder
  • Online forms management
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Campaign and community reporting

in one central system.

A flexible data model and extensibility through secure REST API interfaces ensure seamless integration into your IT system environment.





Marketing Technologien - 360



Geschäftsführer Andres Dickehut

Andres Dickehut, CEO Consultix GmbH




Data protection is brand protection

The security and privacy compliance of ProCampaign® is evidenced by various certificates. The Marketing Cloud has already been awarded the EuroPriSe-Zertifikat, three times. The certificate goes far beyond ISO 27001 for information security - for which we also have certification.

EuroPriSe looks at the latest criteria from Privacy By Design, Privacy by Default, Security by Design to contractual regulations and other aspects based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), everything that has to do with the protection of personal data.

More on the subject of DSGVO and ProCampaign® at



The domain for your campaign

Domain names are the basis of your brand strategy on the Internet. Of course, domain names make your campaigns accessible worldwide on the Internet.

A functioning domain management should be on your agenda in any case.

Call us at 0421 333 88 0 or write us here and ask for your desired domain extension for your campaign.

For more information visit Cloud - Global Domain Management





Hosting im Cloud1X CDN

Everyone has experienced it. The commercial appears on TV and then the web store collapses under the traffic. 

Collaboration between the creative team, the development department of agencies and the hosting service provider plays a major role in the success of the campaign. For example, anyone who wants to position themselves successfully on the e-commerce market can not in the long term do without an efficient marketing strategy. Professional CDN hosting is indisputably an essential prerequisite for successful national and international marketing campaigns.

So that this doesn't happen to you, let's talk about your solution.

You can find more information at Cloud - Global Domain Management


Matching campaign support

Whether newsletter, sweepstakes or cash back campaign. If you need support for yourself or your customer, we are happy to help you achieve your goals.

You can find out about our campaign service here: Agentur - Das CX A-Team


Our network - join us

If you would also like to work with us, just get in touch.

+49 421 333 88 0

The advantages of ProCampaign®


Maximum integrated

  • One central system, one central cockpit
  • A centralized customer profile across all functions and channels
  • Connection of all transaction data with the customer profile in real time
  • Easy APIs for optimal integration
  • Flexible expandability

Maximum safe

  • 100 % compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO/GDPR)
  • No collision with Safe Harbor or Privacy Shield
  • Maximum IT and data security standards - worldwide and certified according to EuroPriSeISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Own Data Center in a former german nuclear shelter
  • 100% "IT Made in Germany" (e.g. data protection, contracts, headquarters, ownership)

You can find more information about ProCampaign® at

We are here for you.

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