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Successful campaign management with Consultix Team

As a full-service agency partner, we are happy to support you in the development and implementation of successful newsletter strategies, and be the contact for your lead agency.

There is nothing people love more than to be personally addressed and involved. Target group selections, personas and CRM are our daily business and the basis for effective campaigns.

Through high-quality design and relevant information, we make your newsletter a success. A suitable tagging concept not only turns every campaign into more sales, but also generates a lot of new data.

Every campaign should consider one goal - it must pay into the brand value.

The correct and DSGVO-compliant handling of your subscriber and customer data is standard for us - nothing works without permissions.

We would be happy to show you how your campaigns can be implemented successfully and in compliance with the GDPR.



Erfolgreiches Kampagnen-Management 

Campaign examples

  • Newsletter
  • Sweepstakes
  • Promotions
  • Co-Creation-Campaign
  • Product samples
  • Advent calendar
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Brand ambassador
  • Product test
  • Cashback
  • Surveys

Relevant content

The topic of relevance presents a major challenge. The marketeer must provide the user with exactly the right information at the right time and in the desired breadth. If he fails to do this, the user will leave the offer within seconds. That's why you need to focus on relevant content and develop a better, clearer content strategy. In order to meet the potential user exactly, you sketch a buyer persona, for example, and give the potential buyer a face.

Targeted questions will help you:

  • How old is the person?

  • What values does the person stand for?

  • Does the person have family?

  • etc...

The goal should be to empathize with the customer.


Customer Journey Mapping

The digital transformation gives consumers more power, more information and more choice. Consequently, customer-centric customer experience is considered one of the most important tasks within all marketing activities. Customer journey mapping represents a form of data analysis that aims to understand a consumer's entire service experience. Because - only those who see the world from the eyes of their customers can generate accurate marketing content.



DSGVO Konsequenzen

Consequences from the GDPR

The stricter regulations of the GDPR and the other laws that depend on it give rise to risks, both for the companies that process personal data and for their service providers. These include, among others:

  • Liability of the management
  • Fines of up to 4% of global sales or €20 million
  • Loss of reputation for companies - which in practice is often even worse than a fine
  • Industry experts expect a wave of warning letters, fines and precedents


But: Data protection does not only entail risks, but also strategic opportunities to improve the relationship of trust with your customers and to use the opportunity for brand maintenance and brand building.

Giddy-up and Giddy-down - Commerce in Data Handling

Today, customers appear to retailers as brand-abandoning flags in the consumer wind. They buy their favorite cream online today and tomorrow in the organic market around the corner. If it's not there, they'll turn to the competitor with the same advertising promise. At the same pace that consumer product loyalty is dwindling, retail companies must strive to establish themselves as a distinctive and service-oriented brand.

In this change process, the customer dominates as the driving force and his loyalty is the new retail gold. Where buying popularity is on the rise and in-store sales are stagnating, analysis of customer structures and customer loyalty are gaining importance for corporate and marketing practice. Attachment to the shopping location and brand is crystallizing into one of the most important target variables of brand management. Customer empowerment is the new magic strategy and means strengthening the customer relationship through more participation.

From participation to loyalty

The path to becoming a loyal customer starts with a well thought-out loyalty program based on automated processes. If a retail company decides to implement such a concept, it should first define and prioritize its goals. In addition to increasing sales and efficiency, conceivable goals include customer group penetration, store brand loyalty, sales support and category management support.

See, understand, engage and retain customers

Data sovereignty is data protection

Loyalty pays off for the retail company as a brand and increases independence from individual products that lose relevance over time. Strengthening the shopping location as a store brand requires the store to establish its own, manufacturer-independent form of customer interaction, for example via an app, the newsletter, or messaging. By addressing customers directly, the store also gains a growing base of first-party data that serves sales and category management. This proprietary database, stored and enriched centrally in the hub, enables personal data to be handled in compliance with data protection regulations.

Every customer interaction requires the written consent of the participant. In line with this core statement, loyalty programs must ensure legally compliant management of all permission and legal texts. Accordingly, for each customer profile, there must be the temporary version of the consent that the customer has given. All functionalities, all customer data must be integrated into the central database and controlled from here. The fewer different tools and systems, the greater the overview of compliance with current data protection regulations.


The technology for your campaign

We are also available to you as a technology partner at any time:

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