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Social engagement

Social engagement is of great importance at Consultix. We value making a positive impact on society and promoting responsible actions. Some examples of our social engagement initiatives include:

  • Building a diverse and inclusive culture where every employee can say, "I'm safe, I belong, and I matter."
  • Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in all our business activities and empowering leaders at all levels to build outstanding teams where employees can do their best work.
  • Creating new work environments, channels and opportunities to leverage opportunities of interconnected work communities at Consultix.
  • Supporting the physical, mental and emotional well-being of all employees.
  • Provide opportunities to help employees achieve optimal health and lifelong wellness.
  • Provide benefits and standards that impact the health, safety and environment of our employees.
  • Leveraging employee passion for community-based service and giving.



Key metrics related to gender diversity and employees

Overview of the distribution of employees based on their areas of expertise or competencies:

  • Proportion of women 50% in 2021, 50% in 2022
  • Proportion of non-male employees in management positions approx. 50%.
  • Employee turnover 2021 5%, 2022 7% (incl. interns, apprentices, relocation due to marriage)
  • General and Administration: 5% of employees
  • Operations: 40% of employees
  • Technology: 40% of employees
  • Sales and Marketing: 5% of employees
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