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Here you can see live examples of:

1. Amusement parks, zoos, etc....

2. Tourism

without visitor tracking and 100% data protection compliant.

The pages are live and functional, the design is freely customisable. You can test the web forms live. We do not use your data for marketing campaigns and delete them automatically.



Marketing Technologie

Your solution for contactless capture of visitor and guest data

Unfortunately, the pandemic makes it necessary: tourism, gastronomy, services and trade must record the contact data of visitors and guests without gaps.

This serves the authorities to trace infection chains and protects the health of all fellow human beings.

Important but at this point, of course, the DSGVO applies to the collection of this personal data.

To make the necessary collection for you and your guests so fast and easy, we have designed an efficient solution for data collection and data management based on our platform technology and web forms:

  1. Web forms make data collection easy
  2. Confirmation emails give the guest info about the collected data
  3. QR codes for access control can be integrated
  4. Appointment calendars for controlling the flow of visitors can be integrated
  5. Collected data will be deleted automatically with the expiry of the deadline

Your guests decide which data they provide, or you specify mandatory fields. The legal requirements, for the obligation to inform about the purpose of data processing, are already met at the time of collection.

From now on, no more paper lists, Excel spreadsheets and most importantly, no risk of data breaches.


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The solution in detail 

Web-based, our SaaS platform is the ideal basis for personal data management:

  • 360° customer profiles
  • Permission-/Consent-Management
  • Workflow designer
  • Campaign management
  • E-mail- and SMS Campaigns designer und sending
  • Landingpage builder
  • Online forms management
  • E-commerce integration
  • Campaigns and Community reporting

in a centralised system.

The flexible data model and extensibility through secure REST API interfaces ensure seamless integration into your IT system environment.

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Marketing Technologien - 360



Geschäftsführer Andres Dickehut

Andres Dickehut, CEO Consultix GmbH




Data protection is brand protection

The security and privacy compliance of ProCampaign® is evidenced by various certificates. The Marketing Cloud has already been awarded the EuroPriSe-Zertifikat, three times. The certificate goes far beyond ISO 27001 for information security - for which we also have certification.

EuroPriSe looks at the latest criteria from Privacy By Design, Privacy by Default, Security by Design to contractual regulations and other aspects based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), everything that has to do with the protection of personal data.

More on the subject of DSGVO and ProCampaign® at

The advantages of ProCampaign®


Maximum integrated

  • One central system, one central cockpit
  • A centralized customer profile across all functions and channels
  • Connection of all transaction data with the customer profile in real time
  • Easy APIs for optimal integration
  • Flexible expandability

Maximum safe

  • 100 % compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO/GDPR)
  • No collision with Safe Harbor or Privacy Shield
  • Maximum IT and data security standards - worldwide and certified according to EuroPriSeISO 27001 and ISO 9001
  • Own Data Center in a former german nuclear shelter
  • 100% "IT Made in Germany" (e.g. data protection, contracts, headquarters, ownership)

You can find more information about ProCampaign® at

We are here for you.

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