Internet Service Provider

We partner with Internet Service Providers in the field of global domain management. We have solid expertise in the field of domain registration, domain administration, global and local billing and complete domain management.

We keep you updated with new domain extension availability, do and don’ts tips, changes in registration and domain administration rules. We manage domain transfer and domain acquisition for your clients, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Your client can benefit from our thorough knowledge of dealing in more than 150 countries and more than 200 domain extensions. We help you choose the right domain extension and secure them in various countries, depending on the nature of business your client is having. It is important that your client should make every possible effort to secure their brand names and product names in the countries of operations and countries of future expansion.

With the new extension coming up every year and importance of particular extensions growing up, it is important that the domain name is registered under the right extensions so that it is easy to remember for the website visitors.

If required, we co-ordinate domain management projects with your client’s worldwide subsidiaries, partner companies, local agents and other entities.
Your client can especially benefit from our value-added services such as Domain Audit and Portfolio Optimisation.


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