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We want to introduce ourselves as your competent partner in Global Domain Management. Our policy is very clear that we wish to serve corporate and government customers. We are focusing only on selected segments and catering to their needs.

Our experience in dealing with several Domain Registries around the world enabled us to gather the relevant knowledge, grow faster and pass on the benefits to our customers.

Irrespective of where you are located and wherever you wish to secure your online presence, we will guide you through the whole process. Our strong customer base (see Referencens) and their global nature will give you a clear idea about the wide spectrum of our customer base.

Our successful track record and satisfied customers are our biggest assets. You can be sure that partnering with Consultix will prove to be beneficial for you. For detailed information, please follow the website and contact us for more and specific solutions for your Domain Management problems.

Global Corporations

Consultix offers a comprehensive suite of name management services tailored to the unique needs of Global Corporations.

Online Marketing

We keep track of upcoming extensions, new registration opportunities and more, which helps you to secure additional domains, ultimately increasing the number of website visitors and make your business more accessible and attractive.

Brand Manufacturers

Few years back one was sceptical about the justification of investment in domain name, websites creation and development. In today’s world, strong brand awareness on Internet requires choosing the right domain names and high quality professional web appearance.

Law Firms

Your client can benefit from our thorough knowledge of dealing in more than 150 countries and more than 200 domain extensions. We offer one-stop solution for Global Domain Management.

Internet Service Providers

We are partner with Internet Service Providers in the field of global domain management. We have solid expertise in the field of domain registration, domain administration, global and local billing and complete domain management.


The importance of internet is not only growing in corporate and private sector but it is also becoming important for the local governments, municipalities and their offices. The need to share the information and make it available is also growing at a faster pace.


ProCampaign is our integrated solution for CRM and direct marketing.


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Consultix offers certified services in line with the best standards and proven quality of the highest level.