Portfolio Optimisation

Have you got the right number of domains?

Our domain management approach is a unique mix of our expertise and experience.Too many domains lead to too much of administration and too much of administration leads to higher costs and may be ultimately to chaos. We help you draw the line between necessary and unnecessary, required and excess.

We take a thorough view of company, product and target market. The outcome of our thorough analyses is optimised domain Portfolio.

Together we decide, which domains should be deleted and which should be kept. The actual number, however, is not as important as knowing what you have got. In fact, for the company with only one main domain name - if it lets the renewal slip, it could see its entire online presence disappear in a flash.

Unfortunately, many companies have no idea of the number of domains they have. Just registering any domain name also makes no sense as it is a rather waste of your money and resources. Different languages and different cultures in different countries may require registration of some popular terms and words in local language. On the other hand, if the name carries negative meaning in a particular country, its registration should be avoided. In the end our aim is to achieve greater and better results by appropriate investment of time, money and other resources.

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