Global Billing

Are you experiencing difficulties in managing global invoices from different countries?

It is not an easy task to keep track of what is happening if you are receiving invoices from different registrars and registries around the globe.

To complicate the matter further, these invoices come in different designated currencies and cannot be paid by the usual means of payment like bank transfer.

Our Global Billing Solution makes it possible to have invoicing as per your requirements. We bill you in single currency namely ‘EURO’ for all the domains irrespective of country or domain extension. Furthermore, you can also choose, whether you wish to have department-wise Invoicing, Brand-wise Invoicing, Country-wise invoicing or invoicing according to the responsible person within your organisation.

If you have central administration for global domains, we recommend having central invoicing policy i.e. one designated office pays for all the invoices. This solution offers a lot of transparency, cost savings, easy administration and full payment control. This also helps for country-wise/brand-wise budget co-ordination.

On the other hand, we can also invoice your local subsidiaries. We provide this service at no extra costs for you.

Whether Local Billing or Global Billing, Consultix offers you peace of mind.


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