Domain Recovery

Your favourite name has been grabbed?

When companies get serious about protecting their brand names, they discover the unpleasant fact that their desired names are already taken by someone else. The domain name you want is already registered?
No worries – it may still be possible to acquire it!

The global nature of the Internet has meant that companies are increasingly acknowledging the true value of their domain names and viewing them as an essential element of their Intellectual Property (IP). With this realisation comes the awareness of new avenues for IP infringement. Cybersquatting, typosquatting and spoofing have now become part of the online IP vernacular. In essence, these issues involve the abuse of trademarks, brands or online IP. We deliver a complete investigative report and offer recommendations on how to recover your domain name in the best and quickest possible way.

On your behalf, Consultix will anonymously purchase domain names. We are able to guarantee you anonymity, preventing the common price escalation scenario. By letting us handle these negotiations, this will allow you to stay out of the often lengthy and annoying negotiation process. This service option is especially attractive in instances where your brand rights are unclear and/or when you need to establish ownership over a domain name quickly. We also have access to specific information being accredited registrar with several registries. Consultix guides its clients in the cases where they want to recover their domain name. We know the ways and legal means to deal with such issues and get the domain back.


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