Domain Consolidation

How many domains have been registered for your company using several other registrars? From how many companies you receive invoices for your domains?

Most companies have no policy in place for domain registrations, leaving larger organisations and brand owners with hundreds, or even thousands, of domain names - all potentially registered by different employees, with varied details and with different suppliers (registrars).The biggest challenge is managing domains registered with several registries’ worldwide and to have a complete overview. With our domain consolidation service, you enjoy peace of mind and enjoy convenience, time and money savings.

We make sure that your domains are in one portfolio and they are renewed, updated and modified as per your requirements. We perform all the necessary transfers, provider change and other updates. It is also easy for you, as you have access to worldwide domain information and details available at one place, namely Consultix.

Based on the client’s requirements Consultix takes an overview of domain consolidation leading to administrative effectiveness.


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