Do you know exactly which domain names your company owns? Where are they registered?

Consultix can provide a comprehensive domain audit for you. A systematic check and assessment of the domain status provides in-depth knowledge about registered domains, grabbed domains, redirected domains, still free to register domains, non-functional domain name websites and domain names of interest.

Particularly in large companies, different employees from different departments reserve domain names leading to multiple contacts for the domain name portfolio. To make the matter worst, if the employee has left the company, there is always a danger that the renewal notices go unnoticed and ultimately the company has to suffer, if it loses the domain name to a domain grabber. Recovering such domains needs a significant amount of money and time.

The through domain information tracking also shows, if the domains are registered, configured but the website/redirect is not functioning.

As part of a comprehensive domain name audit it is also recommended that the online assets of third parties such as a competitor, cyber squatter or prospective acquisition target be surveyed. This will give a clear picture of those domains held by others and identify other possible IP infringements.


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