DNS Configuration

Do you wish to redirect your domains to a particular website?

Domain Registration procedure requires DNS information besides many other requirements. Many a times the Name Servers must be configured, without which the registration is either not allowed or not possible. Non-configured Servers can delay domain registration. In the worst case, the domain can be applied by some other party and can be allotted to them on the basis of ‘correct application’.

To ease the matter and for your convenience, we use our servers for the registration purposes. This helps in two ways: Firstly, this avoids any problems arising due to non-configured servers and registration process goes smoothly. Secondly, any redirect to another website of your choice can be implemented by us almost immediately. You can register multiple domains under several domain extensions and have it redirected to few important websites of your choice. This is included in our service at no additional costs for you.

Obviously, you can instruct us to use the name server data provided by you.

We do provide web hosting services, if requiered. Apart from hosting services, you can take full advantage of our other services such as Email Marketing, website development, customised software solutions and more.


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