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Consultix is a dynamically growing, high-profitable and one of the leading company in corporate domain management business. We are known for our outstanding quality services in the field of global domain management.

Domain Services will give you an insight into our domain business and provide you with valuable information about what we do. We have also published latest news and general domain name information, which will prove to be useful for the website visitors.

Last, but not the least, we do have a FAQ section, which will answer many of your questions.

Strategy Development

Well defined strategy means getting prepared for any potential domain registration requirements and to save last minute unpleasant surprises.

Domain Audit

Consultix can provide a comprehensive domain audit for you. A systematic check and assessment of the domain status provides in-depth knowledge about registered domains, grabbed domains, redirected domains, still free to register domains, non-functional domain name websites and domain names of interest.

Portfolio Optimization

We help you draw the line between necessary and unnecessary, required and excess. We take a thorough view of company, product and target market. The outcome of our thorough analyses is optimised domain portfolio.

Domain Consolidation

We make sure that your domains are in one portfolio and they are renewed, updated and modified as per your requirements. We perform all the necessary transfers, provider change and other updates.

Registration & Administration

Knowing registration prerequisites and do & don’ts are essential before one can decide about any further issues like having marketing campaign or launching a website.

Domain Recovery

When companies get serious about protecting their brand names, they discover the unpleasant fact that their desired names are already taken by someone else. The domain name you want is already registered? No worries – it may still be possible to acquire it!

Global Billing

Our Global Billing Solution makes it possible to have invoicing as per your requirements. We bill you in single currency namely ‘EURO’ for all the domains irrespective of country or domain extension.

DNS Configuration

To ease the matter and for your convenience, we use our servers for the registration purposes. This helps in two ways: Firstly, this avoids any problems arising due to non-configured servers and registration process goes smoothly. Secondly, any redirect to other website of your choice can be implemented by us almost immediately.


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