Personalised coupons

The ProCampaign couponing module makes it possible for you to plan and implement segment-specific couponing campaigns.

Regardless of where the campaign is intended to take place – whether it is on your website, via email or through direct marketing – you can use ProCampaign to determine the value of your coupon and where to place it for each segment with a high degree of flexibility.

Offer your customers incentives with the use of coupons with segment-appropriate discounts.


  • Target real prospects
  • Minimise waste
  • Be cost efficient
  • Improve ROI

Resulting tasks

  • Targeting the ideal consumers for the specific coupons
  • Use segment or cluster-specific incentives
  • Avoid subsidising consumers who would buy the product concerned anyway

Result of using ProCampaign couponing

  • Complete catalogue with individual coupons
  • Immediate count for each segment
  • Estimated costs for the entire activity
  • Automatic export of all the data on the fulfilment partner / printer


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