Messaging – email marketing and more

ProCampaign offers you the chance to communicate with your customers through a range of different channels. Regardless of whether it is classic email marketing, sending text messages or direct 1:1 communication on Facebook, you can use ProCampaign to send personalised messages tailored to specific target groups.

Use the channel preferred by your customer to communicate with them. Create automatically triggered campaigns, be personal, perform multivariate tests, create approval workflows and much more with ProCampaign.



Personalisation goes far beyond addressing customers personally in communication with them. It is about providing customised offers, coupons and individual benefits. It is about giving the customer content which really appeals to them. And this can only happen by specifically addressing individual target groups. The principle of spreading communication thinly over a wide area is a thing of the past.

ProCampaign gives you the right tools to meet this challenge. Define segments and target groups, and integrate different content for different target groups easily with just one click.

Find out more about segmentation with ProCampaign here or get in touch with us.

Multivariate testing


A multivariate test helps you to find out which content or creative variants deliver the best results for your emailing measures. A classic A/B test enables ProCampaign to test several variables at the same time:

  • Sender name
  • Subject line
  • Content variations

Different versions of the same email are sent to some of the recipients on the list with the multivariate test. You are free to choose the size of the test group. The version that delivers the best results is sent to the rest of the recipients on the list – either manually or fully automatically.

Best send time optimization


Email marketing strategies are becoming increasingly refined and marketing agents are looking for more ways to provide their customers with personalised and customised offers. At the same time, the actual time of day that emails arrive in inboxes is of increasing importance.

Well-timed emails can make the difference between the success or failure of email campaigns. The best approach is to send the emails in such a way that they appear at the top of the customer’s inbox when they open their email programme and would like to read their emails.

But exactly when is this optimum time? Tuesday evening? Friday morning? Or even Saturday afternoon? It may be at noon on Friday for most customers. But how does it look for each and every individual customer?

The ProCampaign best send time optimization (BSTO) makes it possible to send emails to customers at the best times for them individually. All with the mere click of a single button.

There is no need for any complicated tests and analyses relating to your customers. ProCampaign does the work for you. The BSTO function analyses the click-and-open behaviour of customers and sends them emails at times when it is most likely that they will click on and open them. The system is self-learning and adapts continuously to the behaviour of customers.

Email design testing

Testing the design of the email is an important yet often tedious part of any email campaign. ProCampaign makes testing emails easy. A comprehensive pre-send check is launched by clicking on a button.

The email client test shows exactly how your email will look using more than 30 different email clients and devices. In just a few minutes, you can see screenshots of how the emails have been rendered.


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