Market research made easy

ProCampaign offers the ideal platform for collecting, analysing and applying market research data. The dedicated survey module in ProCampaign can be used to create and manage surveys, which may then be analysed via the reporting service. The findings are then incorporated into future marketing campaigns according to the closed loop principle.

However, ProCampaign surveys offer even more. Thanks to the dynamic ProCampaign survey interface, questions can be asked dynamically, bit by bit. This means that, instead of asking all the questions at once, customers can answer a different question every time they log on to the website or take part in a prize draw, for instance.

  • Customer surveys
  • Simple forms
  • Online tests
  • Dynamic delivery of questions from a catalogue of questions:
    - Online presentation of different questions every time users log in, participate in prize draws, etc.
    - Flexible choice of questions with the possibility to prioritise



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