ProCampaign platform

Today, communication with customers is not just limited to a single channel. Instead, it encompasses all types of communication using every kind of channel available: offline, on social media websites, on your own website, in email newsletters, through text message campaigns, etc. The aim is to develop a good relationship with the target group – seamlessly across every channel. This holistic strategy requires a tool that enables the user to send targeted communications via a number of channels at the right time. This tool is ProCampaign.

ProCampaign is our integrated solution for CRM and social media. It is the flexible CRM system for global players, as well as for consumer-oriented large and medium-sized companies.

Take advantage of the benefits of ProCampaign:

Easy to use
ProCampaign is a web-based solution. It can be used easily and conveniently via your web browser.

No investment costs, no software installation
It is not necessary to set up a server or to install software. Software is updated regularly and automatically by the ProCampaign team – you do not have to worry about a thing.

Quick start-up
You achieve results quickly with us: Benefit from the tried-and-tested modular infrastructure of ProCampaign.

Verified security

The security of your customer data has top priority for us. We protect it by using modern, state-of-the-art firewalls, anti-virus programmes, intrusion prevention systems and other security products. ProCampaign is a holder of the European Privacy Seal.

360° CRM – everything via a single platform
With the integration of all customer channels and touch points, combined with the high-performance messaging module, ProCampaign provides a 360° view of customers.

Experience and expertise
Your success is our success: Take advantage of our experience and expertise.

High-performance technology from a single source
Integrate with us strategy, processes and data and profit from a well-established and powerful technology to promote your project.



Combine your data

ProCampaign pools your data. ProCampaign is underpinned by a high-performance database in which all of the relevant (CRM) data from various sources is stored. Use your “big data” to send communications material for your brand with relevant content at the right time with the right medium to your customers.

Messaging – email marketing and more

Messaging campaigns can be conducted through various channels with ProCampaign. Multivariate testing, automatic personalisation and rapid segmentation are just some of the examples of what is possible.


Simple and quick segmentation with ProCampaign

Segmentation can be performed with a click of the mouse in ProCampaign. Find out more information here!

Analysis and reporting

ProCampaign analysis and reporting comprise a range of analysis plug-ins that are combined in the analysis module beneath an interface. These make it possible to create pre-defined reports and assess them in real time.


Personalised coupons

Coupons provide a good incentive for customers to buy your product. They work even better if the value of the coupon is tailored to the individual customer. Define your own personalised coupons effortlessly with ProCampaign. 

Market research made easy

Not only does ProCampaign provide the ideal platform to collect, analyse and apply market research data, it also offers a range of possibilities to define and publish surveys with its survey module.



ProCampaign is our integrated solution for CRM and direct marketing.


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