Consultix was awarded the EuroPriSe certificate for
ProCampaign v7. ProCampaign is a web based application for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Personal data of end customers (consumers) are processed for marketing campaigns, customer loyalty program and analysis purposes.

End customer (consumer) data from web sites may directly be transferred by users to ProCampaign. Campaigns such as eMail marketing campaigns can be directly executed from ProCampaign without exporting personal data.

The focus of ProCampaign is on the so-called permission marketing: It supports the obtaining and management of end customers' consent to the processing of personal data.

ProCampaign is capable of storing end customers' consent (opt-in) or objection (opt-out), thereby distinguishing between different communication channels (e.g., email, offline, phone).
The evaluation demonstrated that ProCampaign facilitates its use in a way compliant with European regulations on privacy and data protection.

The certification body says “Particularly noteworthy is the high level of transparency in respect of ProCampaign”:
Users (who qualify as data controller) are informed about relevant data protection issues by means of a specific information sheet. They are provided with a detailed data protection concept in German language on request. In addition, ProCampaign's functionality is described in an elaborate and comprehensible manner.

Please click here to learn more about the EuroPriSe certificate for ProCampaign.


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