Certified Senders Alliance

ProCampaign has successfully completed the certification process of "Certified Senders Alliance" (CSA). The "Certified Senders Alliance" (CSA) is a whitelist which is certified by ECO (The registered association of German internet enterprises) in co-operation with the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV). The list guarantees freedom from Spam.

Bulk E-Mail sender, those who fulfil the defined quality standards and commit themselves to the adherence to the certification criterions are certified and included in a whitelist. The whitelist is accessible to the Internet Service Providers.

After successful certification the systems used for E-Mail dispatch are taken up to a whitelist. The affiliation to this whitelist assures the user freedom from Spam.

Internet-Service-Provider, Free mail-Provider und E-Mail-Systems benefit from the "Certified Senders Alliance" (CSA) because they can rely on the whitelist, which classifies the sender ‘free from Spam’. The whitelisting leads to the fact that the Mail System does not classify the messages to normal filter mechanisms.
With the Certification and associated whitelisting, ProCampaign users experience better ’Delivery Rate’ and gain competitive advantage.

Through this, the messages sent by ProCampaign pass easily through Spam filters and the legitimate e-mails sent by ProCampaign are delivered in the inbox of the recipient. Individual rules are applied by the E-Mail system for receiving the e-mails.

Thereby E-Mail systems do not run the risk of inadvertently deleting legitimate and desired E-Mails due to the Anti-Spam measures.

Certificate from Certified Senders Alliance for Consultix GmbH


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