Association of German internet enterprises (ECO)

Consultix is a member of the registered association of German internet enterprises (ECO). Founded in 1995, its aim is to enhance the commercial use of the internet, thereby strengthening Germany's position both in the global internet economy and as a business location in general. As a body, ECO sees itself as the advocate and mouthpiece of German internet business in all relevant political, legislative and international groupings. It currently represents 300 members, promoting their commercial development as well as providing advice and support to companies whose products and services are available via the internet.

ECO is always in touch with the national politics and respective Ministry’s. It is involved in drafting relevant laws and regulations, and general political discussion of interest to the ECO’s stakeholder. ECO is a founding member of EuroISPA (the association of European Internet Service Providers) and EURO-IX (the association of European Exchanges).

All of the approximately 150 major providers that form the backbone of the German internet are members of ECO. It runs the largest German data exchange, De-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange).

In 1996 ECO established the Internet Content Task Force (ICTF). The task of the ICTF is to ensure the functioning of voluntary control mechanisms in the German internet. The collaboration of this body with other organisations led to the establishment of voluntary content standards ("Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia", FSM) and the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA). The Association of German Internet Enterprises maintains a hotline ( to deal with complaints about illegal and offensive internet content. This protects the public from illegal activities by ensuring that immediate measures are taken to delete any such material. Within the framework of INHOPE (Internet Hotline Providers in Europe) ECO also works closely with content complaints bodies in Europe, Australia and the USA to ensure an even more effective control of illegal content. INHOPE has the support of the European Commission within the Safer Internet Action Plan. In May 2002 ECO assumed the Presidency of the INHOPE Association.

As a member of ECO, Consultix stands to benefit from lobbying, information sharing within working groups, LocalTalks and joint marketing activities. Thus the synergies are created, cost reduction is achieved, and demand for products and services offered by eco-member companies remains in focus. The close co-operation also leads to high level of informal communication.

Members of the Association are ISPs (Internet Service Provider), ASPs (Application service Provider), Carrier, Hard- and Software supplier, Content and Service Provider, Communication Enterprise, User, StartUps, etc. (s. membership list). In short all companies, for whom internet is an important issue.


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