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Thank you for an eventful and successful year!

Progress | Diversity | Team

"2022 draws to a close with rapid strides.

I would like to sincerely thank all customers and partners as well as all 100 Consultix team members for this successful and cooperative year. Always fair and on par.

Despite new challenges and the unfortunately still present pandemic, we achieved a lot together. The data center was expanded, certifications were extended, hundreds of campaigns were implemented worldwide and new ProCampaign® customers were welcomed.

I'm looking forward to the next year, my great team and new innovative marketing and digital projects."

Andres Dickehut, CEO

Thank you, dear customers!

The best | customers

We have the best customers in the world, no question about it. Working with them is challenging and demanding in the best sense, full of crazy ideas and big goals. In other words, exactly what motivates us every day. Thank you for making our work worth living!


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A "Startup" with 28 years of experience

Team | Motivation

"Founded in 1994, we have become one of the leading developers for marketing and dialog platforms.

In the past years, we have been able to support thousands of international marketing campaigns with ProCampaign® and implement them with lead agencies worldwide. From the very beginning, it was important to me that we think as a team and jointly develop solutions for our customers' challenges. The focus is always on people: listening and building understanding are most important to me.

Almost half of our employees have been with the team for 10 years or more. For me, this is the best confirmation that we have done many things right.

I look forward to further developments with our super-motivated team and exciting projects in 2023."

Alexander Bruder, CTO

No short-term decisions, partnerships!

Strategy | Future | Optimization

"For me, 2022 is shaped by the motto "gather", while 2023 is clearly "take off".

One of my personal highlights, besides the OMR, was the visit of Bremen's mayor Andreas Bovenschulte.

Our solution for loyalty and CDP/CEH is leading in many areas today. I was therefore incredibly pleased that ara Shoes AG recognized this and decided to use ProCampaign® as a central corporate solution. The interview was also great fun and gives a great insight into a brand rich in tradition.

This means that, among others, the brands LLOYD with the Red Stripe Club and Salamander with the Shoecard with loyalty, couponing and newsletter are on board. We have also made huge progress in the hospitality sector and have set a great asset in the CRM area of hotels with the Protel IO connection.

More to come."

Jörn Bittner, Senior Sales Manager

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New year, new features

Development | Courage to go new ways

"Omnichannel loyalty and couponing defined development in 2022. We created great things as a team and together with our customers. Of course, ProCampaign® has been EuroPriSe-certified again this year and we were able to extend our certifications to include ISO 27701.

I have a full roadmap for 2023. Three topics in particular are in focus:

  • UX and Usability
  • User journey automation and insight dashboard
  • Connectivity 

Every day, as a team, we encounter new and exciting requirements from our clients. Together, we make even the craziest campaign ideas possible with our developments in the shortest possible time.

I'm glad that our customers will continue to implement D2C campaigns and loyalty concepts with us every day in 2023."

Katharina Kortkamp, Innovation Manager

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Christmas campaigns

The holiday season is one of the most important business times of the year. Creative campaigns and newsletters are the key to making more sales. But engaging Christmas campaigns are also great for building brand awareness and customer loyalty.


We've put together a collection of inspiring ideas with DOs and DON'Ts of Christmas campaigns for you. Let's be even more successful together next year!


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A part of the Team

A part of the Team

Face-to-face conversations at last

Personal | Communicative | Team

"The lockdowns were necessary, but also annoying. I, too, simply missed the personal contact in the home office.

My personal reprieve was the OMR in Hamburg. It was 2 days of presenting our brand ProCampaign® with the team, meeting great people, customers and agencies and having fantastic conversations. Live and in color. Simply great.

It was incredibly nice to experience the personal exchange once again. When will we meet to exchange ideas?"

Mona Rottmann, Senior Key Account Manager

After the campaign is before the campaign

Campaign | Concept | Team

"Everyone always comes to me all excited with the most extraordinary ideas for D2C campaigns, sweepstakes, newsletters and loyalty concepts from around the world. Then I bring order and structure to the process. Can the campaign be implemented at all? Yes, most of the time. :-)

Currently, I already have Easter campaigns on my desk. The early bird and all that. But in fact, you can never plan early enough and most occasions don't come as surprising as everyone always thinks.

When things do have to happen quickly, we always find a solution in the team. It's good to have the developers in the house as well as the producers.

I'm definitely looking forward to a few quiet days before things get hectic in the new year."

Mirja Sternberg, Conceptioner / Campaign Manager

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