Combine your data

ProCampaign is the digital CRM system that offers a range of possibilities with its CRM data warehouse. ProCampaign stores consumer profiles and transaction data. As a result, this programme represents the ideal basis for a company’s effective sales, marketing, customer service and general business performance management.
Initially, condensed data from various sources is used to set up the ProCampaign data warehouse. The data is then pooled. This enables ProCampaign to present a standardised view of the current, centrally available data. This is irrespective of the type and place of the customer’s interaction.

In addition to this, the data is also available to the entire company: on websites and in the call centre for classic dialogue marketing as well as for online and mobile marketing, along with a link to ERP systems such as SAP.

The platform is supported by integrated business software:

  • Deduplication 
  • Permission handling and aggregation
  • Integrated workflows
  • Postal address check and correction 
  • Calculations: scoring, clustering, profiling, recency frequency value, etc.
  • Exclusion of customers by means of blacklisting
  • Automatic clean-up processes to clean up the data


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